Animal Assisted Programs

Patient Paws Animal Assisted Education and Therapy along with 12 Points Psychology have developed a range of school programs to promote optimal social and emotional development of Primary and Secondary school students. We aim to improve; awareness of self and others, self-management, interpersonal, decision-making and communication skills and increase available coping mechanisms and resilience.

We offer group programs, tailored to your school’s particular needs, that address; anxiety, grief and loss, handling major transitions (like the move from Primary to Secondary school) and body image. We also offer individually designed reading programs.

  • 'When I Worry' a program addressing anxiety, is designed to run for a total of 6 hours at a cost of $1500.
  • 'Short Tail, Long Tail, Curly Tail, Straight Tail' a program addressing body image, is designed to run for four hours at a cost of $1000.
  • 'Transitions' a program for students making the transition from primary to secondary school, is designed to run for three hours at a cost of $700. 

  • These innovative programs are developed by education specialists and psychologists and incorporate Animal Assisted Interventions through the use of trained Therapy dogs. The Therapy Dogs facilitate the interaction between student and educator, improve students’ retention of what is discussed in the program and ensure a fun experience for students and teachers alike. The presence of our dogs acts to; increase interest and engagement, improve retention of presented information, provide a safe, comforting, non-judgemental companion while discussing sometimes difficult topics, moderate stress levels, increase pro-social behaviours and make it all a lot more fun! 

    The programs Patient Paws Animal Assisted Education and Therapy and 12 Points Psychology offer have been  can be flexible in their delivery depending on the needs of the school.

    If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about delivering or designing a program for your school, please contact Gemma on 0407 553 975 or email 

    You can also find out more about our programs by contacting Danielle at 12 Points Psychology on 0451 044 015