"Wintringham Recreation Coordinators aim to plan, implement and evaluate activities for elderly disadvantaged clients. Given the complexity of most of our clientele, it can be quite challenging to engage with residents in activities even when you have discovered their interests, often taking up to 6 months. The program at Patient Paws eased the process of breaking through some of the barriers with our residents.

Resident Stephen had isolated himself in his room and refused to do anything other than watch TV. Wintringham contacted Patient Paws and visits started on a weekly basis. A friendship had formed between Stephen and George, the dog.  Stephen couldn't wait to see George again, even wanting a photo of him on his wall.  This was a catalyst for Stephen wanting to get out of bed, and eventually joining in with other activities.  

Patient Paws created a shift in Stephen's life.  The program lifted his mood and gave him a more positive approach to participate and engage in other aspects of his health and wellbeing. 

Wintringham would recommend Patient Paws and their programs because we've seen the positive outcomes and we know it works."  -  Peter Demetriou (Recreation Coordinator Wintringham)