Testimonials - Dog Training

Gemma and the team are absolutely incredible. We attended a three day workshop with our 9 month old German Sheperd. This workshop has completely transformed our lives. We now have a very obedient dog who doesn't jump on people, only gets on the couch when we allow him to, and doesn't drag me down the street every time we go for a walk. It's hard to believe that so much can change in such a short space of time! I couldn't recommend Patient Paws highly enough. I have already told all of my friends. They are such a friendly, genuine bunch who actually care about your animal. Thanks guys, it's been life-changing for us! 

- Leah and Kaiser 

Patient Paws three day workshop was so worth it. Having had individual training sessions with Gemma for help with my 47kg Bernese, Maya, I decided to try my hand in a group to really cement her techniques. It was great to meet others who were struggling with similar behavioural issues with their dogs and to know that I was not alone. It was highly beneficial for Maya's training and socialisation in so many situations too. The real-life experiences such as being around ducks at the park, heeling while walking up and down stairs, and long drop-stays while we were at a cafe - very important to me in particular! Such a fantastic opportunity for everyone to learn and Gemma made it fun for all involved - I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone. Thank you Gemma for your excellent workshop, I have gained a lot more confidence in handling my dog and we are reaping the benefits of Maya's improved behaviour at home and out and about.

- Jess

We recently completed the three day workshop with our two spoodles, Charli and Jesse. Before attending they were both anxious dogs which on occasion would lead to aggression, they would pull on the lead and jump up on people in excitement. Gemma was amazing and we cannot believe the change in our dogs in just three days. Her techniques are easy to understand and to apply in everyday life. She is patient and clear in her explanations and we found the workshop extremely valuable . Our dogs now come inside and settle on their bed unless invited to sit with us, they don't jump up on our visitors and are relaxed on their daily walks, no more pulling. They have boundaries within the house that only took a few minutes to set up thanks to their training. We can leave all doors open and they won't enter a space unless invited to do so. Gemma's dedication to building strong relationships with pets has allowed us to enjoy them even more. We can't thank her enough. 

- Kylie and Tracey

Daisy and I attended the three day intensive workshop recently and I don't regret it at all! Daisy has been a woofer and a jumper since the day we brought her home at 10 weeks old and I thought she would be like this forever! Gemma's gentle, caring, informative approach has helped us change that unwanted behaviour in just THREE DAYS! Gemma and the team at Patient Paws has taught us how to teach our dog what is acceptable and unacceptable in a totally reliable way with just two words and three tones. We have a different dog! I would not hesitate to recommend Gemma to anyone or any dog, her professional manner, expansive knowledge and gentle teaching manner have changed our world. Thank you Gemma for the opportunity. 

- Keryn and Daisy

My husband and I took part in the Patient Paws three day intensive workshop in June 2018. We had amazing and immediate results as of day one and could see all the dogs, including pups, were listening to their owners tone of voice and understanding what was being asked of them. We love how Patient Paws teach a very basic but effective technique that evidently works in as quick as one day. We were equipped with all the basic instructions on how to use this technique which makes us feel we can go away and continue this on our own. This workshop certainly has made us develop a stronger relationship with our pup which is definitely something worth working for. We were so thrilled with the progress that our pup and the others had made over the duration of the course. I would highly recommend this training technique and course to any dog owner. We cannot thank the Patient Paws team enough for how much they have already impacted our lives regarding our relationship with our pup. Thank you Gemma and the Patient Paws team. 

- Molly and Grant

I travelled from South Australia to attend the three day intensive training course, and wow it was worth the long hours of driving. The three days were amazing, Jasper and I learnt so much and I now have the knowledge and confidence to bring Jasper home and keep up his training. The highlights of the three days for me was applying what we had learnt in the real world and learning to have fun with Jasper. I thought Jasper and I would have trouble with the training "2 old dogs learning new tricks" but Gemma's manner and knowledge made the days fun, interesting and we learnt so much. The course was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone. 

- Leanne and Jasper

The workshop gave us the skills to communicate effectively with 'our girls' to set boundaries and encourage good behaviour. We can't believe the difference three days has made in returning calm to our home!! Thank you!! 

The three day workshop was a great way to jump start training with Rusty and I couldn't believe how much he learnt. I now have the knowledge to continue working with him at home and it really has bonded us together. 

- Anne and Rusty 

We just completed Patient Paws Jump Start Workshop and it was awesome! Gemma clearly explained everything as we went along, she was warm, caring and really helped and supported us in implementing all the training techniques. The transformation we witnessed not just with our puppy, but with every fur baby who attended was astounding! We had a broad range of breeds, temperaments and ages, and Gemma helped all of them transform. Absolutely 10/10!! Just incredible! 

- Mandy and Daisy