Testimonials - Schools

"Just a little feed back the program ('Patient Paws - When I Worry Program') was a fantastic program. Gemma was absolutely amazing with the children as some of the children came in a bad mood a few times and left laughing. She just knew what to say. Dana and Molly sat over with me when doing some of the work sheets as it was somewhere quiet and they would tell me what they were thinking and why Dana said she got nervous when she has to work in a group and that the noise is a factor. Molly said much the same and that any loud noises affected her to concentrate. As the program continued they both moved closer to the group and towards the end of the program Dana and Molly were working with others! Ashton just sat with the dogs and if you didn’t know him you would wonder why he was there as he was behaving completely differently to what he does in his usual classroom. He was calm, listening and did not disturb the learning at all. The way the children spoke openly in the group when Gemma asked them questions why they were feeling like that was amazing! So many more students could benefit from this program." - Paul (St Patrick's Primary School)

"I had a good day. I had George time. He made me feel happy and loved. He is cool and happy!" - Honey

"... I have fun with you and I love you. I do not want you to go." - Olivia

"Your my best friend ... I like George he loves me." - Maya

"... thank you for helping us to do our work. I like to pat George and he is my favourite dog in the world. I like therapy dogs. They are the best.  I like to work with you." - Nathan

"... I love it when you hug me.  I've never seen a dog like you make me smile." - Kayla