Doggy Day Care

We believe that every dog is unique and we work hard to create a personalised Doggy Day Care experience that meets their individual needs. Whether your dog loves to run, play fetch, or cuddle up for a nap, we’ve got them covered.

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Day Care

Need a pawsome place for your furry friend to spend their days while you’re out and about? Look no further than Doggies Day Out – our daycare where your pup can come play and make new furry friends!

Before they can come join the fun, your dog will need to go through our ‘Train & Play’ service to ensure they’re a good fit for our pack. Once approved, they’ll get to enjoy a fully supervised play space that’s clean, safe, and full of tail-wagging fun!

At Patient Paws, we believe in treating all our daycare friends like family. So why not let us take care of your fur baby while you take care of business?

Come join our pack today!

  • 1 Dog $ 58 Per Day
  • 2 Dogs $ 106 Per Day
  • 3 Dogs $ 147 Per Day

Day Care Multi-Pass Discount

  • $ 551 10 Visits Paid Upfront
  • $ 1,044 20 Visits Paid Upfront

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Train and Play

Looking to get your furry friend’s tail wagging and their brain buzzing with excitement? Look no further than our ‘Train & Play’ days, which run Monday to Friday! Our expert trainers work one-on-one with your pup to help them perfect their obedience, manners, and socialisation skills, making training a fun and interactive experience.

At the end of the day, your pup will receive a detailed report card outlining their progress and offering tips for continued success.

But wait, there’s more! These ‘Train & Play’ days also serve as an assessment for daycare. It’s a win-win for both you and your pup – they get to play, learn, and socialise, while you can rest easy knowing they’re in good hands with the Patient Paws team.

  • One Session $ 120 Drop off anytime from 7:30 am and pick up by 6.00 pm

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Free Information Session

Would you like to learn more about how we train our furry friends at Patient Paws? Curious about our facilities and services? Join us for a FREE information session!

Our sessions are both informative and fun, giving you an inside look at our training methods, philosophy, and approach. You’ll have the chance to ask questions and connect with other dog-loving humans in a relaxed, no-pressure environment.

The best part? You don’t need to bring your furry friends along. This is an opportunity for humans only, so you can sit back, relax, and soak up all the knowledge without any distractions.

Don’t miss out on this paw-some opportunity. Contact us today to book your spot at our next information session. We can’t wait to share our love for dogs with you!